Matter Planning

As clients demand greater flexibility and more transparency, firms globally are looking for tools to help them meet these increasingly complex requirements.  A range of matter planning and pricing tools have emerged to meet this demand.


However, lacking a seamless and deep integration with the underlying financial system most tools have struggled to deliver on the promise of real improvements to operational efficiency and client outcomes.  Until now.


The cosine Matter Planning module for 3E is the leading matter planning and pricing tool for 3E firms globally. Built in 3E, the module delivers a comprehensive feature set, process automation capabilities that delight firm managers and an intuitive HTML5 interface that delivers improved efficiency for the back office, and high adoption for the front office.

Gilbert + Tobin: Accurately Structuring Fees with 3E and Matter Planning from cosine.
Featured Testimonial

More and more 3E clients are realizing the benefits of 3E powered solutions like our Matter Planning module for 3E.

"We undertook a considerable analysis of the pricing platforms available in the market prior to making our decision. We were excited to find a tool that is simple both for end users and for the pricing team who find it 'super easy' to build out the more complex phase and task based plans they require. And because the tool is a native part of 3E we don't have to worry about data quality, which simply hasn't been a problem for deployment."


Tina Eisner

Director of Pricing Sterne Kessler, USA

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