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Thank you for your interest in cosine's Matter Pricing and Planning webinar and live demo on Thursday, June 27. 


Facing Challenges with Your Current Pricing Tool or Process? 

Are you constantly battling data sync issues because your current pricing tool is just another 'bolt-on' to your 3E platform? This approach forces you to manage additional integrations, risking your entire strategy when data doesn’t align with your 3E financial reports. If so, you may be interested in or June 27th webinar.


Discover the Cosine Solution—Built Right into 3E and available in 3E Cloud too.

Join us for a live demonstration at our upcoming webinar on Thursday, June 27, where we'll showcase how Cosine's Matter Pricing and Planning tool eliminates the need for separate applications and databases. Everything is integrated directly within 3E, creating a 'cosineified' experience that simplifies system management and enhances reliability.


See the Results Firsthand 

Experience how our solution enables your team to:

- Monitor and manage matter plans efficiently from proposal to completion.

- Generate estimates easily and manage them against real-time actuals.

- Gain deeper insights into profitability, WIP, and matter progress.

- Automate repetitive tasks to boost operational efficiency.

- Plus, many more features designed to enhance your team's productivity and client relationships.


Don’t miss out on learning how to exceed your process improvement goals with a structured, integrated approach. We look forward to showing you why so many firms are making the switch to Cosine.

If you’d appreciate one less headache in your day-to-day tasks, register for the webinar now!

Session 1

Thursday, June 27 at 2PM - BST, London

Click here to register.

Session 2

Thursday, June 27 at 2PM - EDT, New York 

Click here to register.

Session 3

Thursday, June 27 at 9AM - AEST, Sydney (June 26 at 7PM EDT)

Click here to register.

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