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Get More From Your 3E Platform.

Built in 3E, cosine's modules leverage the power of the 3E platform to deliver the capability you've been waiting for in a user experience designed to delight.

Matter Plan Monitor.jpg

Cosine Matter Planning

The global market leading solution for 3E firms, cosine Matter Planning is more than just a pricing calculator, providing a host of features unmatched by other tools including automation of master files setup and plan based fixed fee validation during the billing cycle.

Reimagining User Experience

Striking the right balance between form and function is the key to maximizing adoption and end user satifaction. cosine solutions focus on user experience first, balancing the complex functional requirements for our platforms with elegance and simplicity of use as a primary goal.

Cosine Expense

Travel and related expense reimbursement for 3E firms the way it should be. Real time expense management from receipt capture to AP processing, delivered in an easy to use Progressive Web App designed for end users. 


At a fraction of the cost of competing solutions...

It's time to switch.


"Innovative, intelligent solutions leveraging powerful 3E functionality and cosine's easy to use interfaces deliver an unbeatable combination for firms using 3E today or implementing now."
- Law Firm Chief Financial Officer, New York.

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Cosine AP Invoice

Deliver real time visibility into your accounts payable operation. Distributed or centralized, cosine AP Invoice automates loading, scanning and distribution of invoices via an intuitive, easy to use interface for end users and AP Managers alike.

No integration required.

Get More From Your 3E Platform.

No additional database or application servers required, no dealing with costly and hard to manage integrations. cosine solutions delivers the functionality you need, in the finance platform you already own.


Smooth sailing.

Cosine Broadcast

Email communication is an important part of both internal and client facing conversations. Whether you're looking for a replacement for Elite Extend or hoping to improve your operational capacity in this area of your business cosine Broadcast will take your email communications strategy to the next level.

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Statement Manager.jpg

Cosine Statement Manager

Getting your billing statements out the door quickly and efficiently is critical to your bottom line. Statement Manager automates the statement generation and distribution process and also introduces a host of new capabilities to the 3E platform. 


Automation has been delivering improvements to business for generations. cosine solutions provides modules that deliver process automation and optimization in the 3E platform you already own.

Photo Of Robot Examining Invoice With Ma

Cosine Proforma

Proforma automation tools promise an important opportunity to optimize a critical component of your financial operation. cosine Proforma provide a cost effective means to automate proforma and invoice distribution directly within the 3E platform, doing away with the need for bolt on solutions. 

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