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Thank you for your interest in cosine's Paperless Proforma webinar and live demo on Wednesday, June 19. 

During the webinar, we will be highlighting the latest enhancements, that are simplifying and automating the proforma process for 3E firms.


Who’s attending? 3E firms struggling with their existing proforma solution due to a complicated user experience that isn’t readily configurable to meet the needs of your lawyers and their teams. Additionally, firms frustrated by ‘bolt on’ tools that require time consuming and administratively challenging data syncing that generates significant operational drag and frequent administrative headaches.


Why are they attending? Discover how cosine's tool is designed to address these pain points directly. Built directly in the 3E framework, our tool simplifies the user experience and eliminates the typical hurdles associated with third-party integrations.


What results will you achieve?  The result is a smoother, more efficient user experience and workflow that not only meets the needs of lawyers but also enhances overall operational efficiency. Firms using cosine’s solution have reported significant improvements in user satisfaction and a noticeable reduction in time spent processing proformas.


Attend our next webinar to see the latest enhancements within our ‘cosineified’ proforma tool and discover how you could be leveraging all the power of the 3E proforma process, but with a user experience designed for your lawyers, finance and billing teams. Say goodbye to bolt-on integration challenges, data sync/timing issues, importing and exporting data from one system to another.


If you’d appreciate one less headache in your day-to-day operations, register for the webinar now!

Session 1

Wednesday, June 19 at 2PM - BST, London

Click here to register.

Session 2

Wednesday, June 19 at 2PM - EDT, NY 

Click here to register.

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