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Thank you for your interest in cosine's Paperless Proforma webinar and live demo on Friday, February 23rd.

During the webinar, we’ll demonstrate the 'cosineified' user experience leveraging 3E’s standard Proforma Edit process to deliver real time proforma management directly within the 3E platform. No bolt on integration challenges, no data sync or timing issues, no importing and exporting data from one system to another.

Join us to explore why cosine Proforma is the right solution for your team and your firm.

Multiple webinar options are available to suit your time zone and schedule:

Session 1

Friday, Feb 23 at 10:00AM Sydney

Click here to register.

Session 2

Friday, Feb 23 at 2:00PM London 

Click here to register.

Session 3

Friday, Feb 23 at 2:00PM New York

Click here to register.

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