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Cosine Statement Manager

Relying on manual and paper based procedures to get your bill statements out the door is high risk, compounds delays, and generates significant financial drag. Cosine Statement Manager introduces bill statement automation and electronic distribution to the 3E platform.

Statement Manager Dash.jpg

Statement Management Dashboard

Get immediate insights into your monthly statements process with a simple but detailed breakdown of statement generation progress and distribution status.

"With a well designed interface it's very easy to generate and manage statements, and with the automated distribution capabilities in the tool we were able to significantly increase our speed and volume of statement distribution, which led ultimately to reduced AR days. This module is a 'no brainer' for 3E firms."
-Law Firm Revenue Manager, Canada.

The Statement Manager

Electronic or paper based distribution, native multi-language configuration, and aging based template automation are just a few of the features 3E clients have been waiting for.

Statement Manager.jpg
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