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Cosine Proforma

3E provides the legal and professional services industries with the most powerful billing engine available in the market today. Complement the power of the 3E platform with a better end user experience and automation to ensure improved billing efficiency.

Paperless Proforma Automation

Designed for distributed or centralized billing operations, both paperless and print capable automation from generation to invoice distribution directly from the finance platform you already own.

Proforma Monitor.jpg

"We’re delighted with the deployment of cosine Proforma not only in terms of the business process automation the dashboards facilitate, but with the ability it provides us to track and manage the process more effectively given the reporting insights that are delivered along with the tool."

-Chris Buckley, CFO Lewis Rice, USA.

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3E Simplified for End Users

Native, real time 3E Proforma Edit with a user experience built for lawyers and their teams.

Is this the solution you've been waiting for?

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