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cosine solutions deliver best in class software and services to the legal and professional services industry

Built for Business. Built for People.

cosine solutions deliver a unique 3E experience that is easily tailored to meet the needs of specific roles within your operation.  Designed for ease of use, the 'app like' user experience makes it easy to deploy, and ensures improved end user happiness.

This is 3E. Cosineified.

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Occam's Razor.

The simplest solutions are usually the best.

cosine solutions takes advantage of all of the native features of the 3E platform, removing the cost of secondary applications and integration pain by delivering material new capabilities directly within the finance platform you already own.

Extend Your 3E Investment.

cosine solutions is the leading provider of complementary modules for the Elite 3E platform.  Our tools are helping hundreds of firms globally take their operations online, automate key processes and deliver additional value from their investment in 3E.

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Join the Cosine Community.

With a growing collection of modules for 3E, cosine solutions are listening to 3E clients globally, extending the 3E platform natively

and delivering the capabilities your

business needs to thrive. 

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