Keeping your teams up to date with timely, accurate and easily digestible financial and relationship information is critical to improving business performance and ensuring your clients see value for the investment in your services.  Elite 3E's email notifications engine can provide an effective means of delivering the right information, to the right people at the right time.

However striking the right balance between providing information to your end users that is welcomed, and delivering emails that are considered a nuisance is critical to this effort and the ease with which the data can be consumed an important part of user perception in this regard.


Of course there are also dozens of other operational uses for effective email notifications for firm managers, team leaders and financial systems managers who can use email alerts to ensure critical aspects of the 3E platform are in good health. 

cosine Broadcast for 3E delivers on the promise of easy to configure, easy to manage email notifications, taking the focus away from complex custom notifications, and removing the constraints of 'pre-rolled' notification setup screens that offer only some of the necessary capabilities to support your business goals.

cosine Broadcast leverages the skillsets you already have in house allowing email notifications to be constructed using standard SQL statements within a setup process that dynamically leverages that code to ensure that notification formatting and distribution is as easy as it should be.  

Take back ownership of this important part of your firm's communication strategy and say goodbye to costly technical consulting engagements with our fully supported email notifications module for 3E.

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