With an increasingly mobile workforce expense management has become an important component of legal and professional services firms operations.


A range of generic and market specific tools are available to fill this need, all of which provide similar capabilities.  However the duplication of financial data and the additional management overhead of yet another separate application means these tools are often a challenge to deploy,  and a drain on operational efficiency for the business.  The reality is the inherent inefficiencies of 'bolt on' applications cut into the savings tools like these are supposed to provide. 

What if you could use a fully integrated system that provided real time expense management, delivered in a user interface designed to delight end users, at a cost significantly lower than the platform you are using today?

Built on 3E

Native 3E data and financial transaction management

No 'bolt ons'.  No integration required.

Powerful workflow automation engine designed for non-technical users

Built for Mobile

Next Generation Progressive Web App technology

Unified end user experience available on any device from phone to tablet to desktop

Designed for end users first

Built to Improve Operations

Real time expense processing

Fully Automated AP voucher processing

Reliable, affordable expense management for all

"We were initially drawn to cosine Expense due to the fact that it’s built directly within 3E, and so will substantially reduce the management overhead associated with the tool. Subsequently, seeing cosine install their platform and have it configured and ready for our onsite training in just a few days was very reassuring.


It instilled confidence in the team to see that the tool ‘just worked’."


Philip O’Connor

Director of Finance and Administration, LK Shields, Ireland.

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